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I am a clinical immunologist, neurologist, neuroimunologist. I have a PhD in Medicine. I am a member of the European Association of Neurology (EAN), Ukrainian Society of Specialists in Immunology, Allergology and Immunorehabilitation (UTIAI), one of the founders and secretary of the Association of Specialists in Neuroimmunology, Immunotherapy and Neurorehabilitation – ANIN.

Moderator of the online seminar "Immunology in Neurology"

Kyiv, December 3, 2020

I has written more than 20 scientific monographs on topical issues of clinical immunology, virology, neuroimmunology and immunopsychiatry. I am co-author of a textbook on infectious diseases for medical students. Prepared a unique publication - Atlas of the results of paraclinical studies in herpesvirus neuroinfections, which has no analogues in the world.

A bookshelf with my monographs: already a whole scientific library

I am also a co-author of a textbook on clinical immunology and allergology for medical students, which has gone through three editions and won a prestigious award at the International Exhibition.

The textbook on clinical immunology received a prestigious international award at the V International Competition "University Book - 2010"

Now I am the author of more than 200 scientific articles published in domestic and foreign medical periodicals, links to the full texts of most of them are on this site. And the author of 16 patents for inventions in the field of clinical immunology and neuroimmunology. Some of these discoveries were included in the national protocols that I worked on as part of the commissions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. I participate in the life of 4 scientific journals.

Presentation of a monograph on the connection between folate cycle deficiency and autism

Kharkiv, 2017

I regularly speak at scientific conferences, symposiums, congresses - both domestic and foreign, in particular at prestigious foreign conferences in the UK, the UAE, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, the USA, Canada. My report on isolated IgE deficiency won at the international scientific forum.

At the 10th International Summit on Virology with Professor Zinzerling after a report on the connection of herpes viruses types 6 and 7 with temporal median sclerosis in humans

Vienna, Austria, July 2018

The report on immunoglobulin E deficiency was the winner at the 8th World Congress of Immunopathology, Respiratory Allergy and Asthma in Dubai in 2013

At his poster presentation on the effectiveness of Rituximab in autism spectrum disorders in children at the 5th Neurological Congress of the European Association of Neurologists

Oslo, Norway, June 2019

With Professor V. O. Moiseyenko

Kyiv, February 2021

With Professor Popovych V. I.

Kyiv, February 2021

With Professor Zasyeda Y. I.

Kyiv, February 2021

With professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine M. I. Lisyan

Kyiv, September 2021

Certificate of English proficiency

March 2023

In 2003 I graduated from the O'Bogomolets National Medical University (NMU) with a degree in general medicine. He completed an internship in the specialty "neurology" at the NMAPO named after P. L. Shupyk. He also received a specialization in clinical immunology additionally, I have specializations in family medicine and teaching scientific disciplines in higher educational institutions. Passed a thematic improvement in medical genetics in Ukraine and in the Centogene center (Rostock, Germany).

During a genetics internship at the Centogene research center, next to a modern gene sequencing machine

Rostock, Germany, autumn 2019

From 2009 to 2015, I worked as Deputy Director of the Institute of Immunology and Allergology of the National Medical University. Now I am the head of the laboratory of immunology and molecular biology of the Scientific Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of NMU.

On the streets of Kyiv

March 2019

I am professionally engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the immune system - immunodeficiencies, or immunodeficiency diseases. I am a staunch supporter of the theory of immunodeficiencies in explaining the development of immunodependent pathologies: infectious, autoimmune, allergic, immunoinflammatory, oncological. In accordance with this, I am the author of a number of scientific monographs on human immunodeficiency diseases and proposed a classification of minor primary human immunodeficiencies.

Immunodeficiency disease: modern understanding of the problem

Kyiv, 2021

With an immune-dependent pathology, it is often possible to find an etiological factor, therefore, if you want to receive not only a syndromic diagnosis, but also find the cause of the disease and receive etiotropic treatment, you are exactly to me. Watch my lectures on this topic to understand the relationship between immunodeficiencies and immune-dependent complications, as well as the possibilities of immunotherapy in such cases: “Mannose-binding protein deficiency”, “Selective NK cell deficiency”, “Clinic, diagnosis and treatment of selective IgE deficiency in humans”.

Clinic, diagnosis and treatment of selective IgE deficiency in humans

Kharkiv, September 16–17, 2020

I also deal with the problem of opportunistic infections (herpesvirus, toxoplasma, papillomavirus, etc.), since it is tangent to the problems of immunodeficiencies. Of particular interest to me are herpesvirus infections caused by herpes simplex viruses types 1 and 2, varicella-zoster virus, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes viruses types 6, 7 and 8. Watch my lecture on the diagnosis of herpesvirus infections if there are problems with making such a diagnosis. And if you want to understand the significance of the Epstein-Barr virus infection, there is a lecture for you on this subject (password to view: SHDM122020).

I am the author of the original clinical and radiological classification of herpesvirus neuroinfections, which I widely use in my practice. Familiarize yourself with this classification in issues 53 and 54–55 of the journal Clinical Immunology. Allergology. Infectology". He also wrote guidelines for the treatment of human herpesvirus infections. Herpesvirus infections, especially herpesviruses 6 and 7, can cause a number of mental disorders in humans (in particular chronic fatigue syndrome), and are also involved in the induction of epilepsy. How it happens, listen to the lecture.

Mechanism of personality change in reactivated HHV-6 and HHV-7 infections

Kyiv, February 27, 2020

I also deal with autoimmune (rheumatic) and allergic diseases, as they can be a manifestation of immunodeficiency. My special area of interest is autoimmune diseases of the nervous system. In particular, autoimmune demyelinating diseases: multiple sclerosis, multiple encephalomyelitis, myelitis optica, etc. Read my special scientific review on multiple sclerosis, which expands the boundaries of understanding the problem. A very relevant problem now is autoimmune limbic encephalitis, which can resemble a mental illness or an epileptic syndrome. On this occasion, I also had a lecture.

An important problem is the autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococcal infection (PANDAS in children and adults), which can manifest itself as an obsessive-compulsive syndrome, hyperkinesis (violent movements (tics), dystonia, etc.), psychosis, autism spectrum disorders. I am the author of a special lecture dedicated to this problem.

PANDAS: etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment

Kyiv, 2021

I am also interested in autoimmune lesions of the peripheral nervous system, such as Guillain-Barré syndrome, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, multifocal motor neuropathy, etc. Watch a lecture on this subject. I also deal with myasthenia gravis and myasthenic syndromes and also have a special lecture. And this is a lecture about autoimmune muscle lesions (dermatomyositis, polymyositis, necrotizing myopathy, etc.), which are also the object of my clinical work.

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system

Kyiv, 2020

I treat patients with immune-dependent refractory epilepsy. Accordingly, I am the author of a monograph on the relationship between herpesvirus infections and mesial temporal lobe epilepsy in humans. Children with autism spectrum disorders may respond to a range of immunotherapeutic interventions. I actively promote new discoveries in the field of etiology and immunopathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders in children. I am the author of a special monograph on the relationship of genetic folate cycle deficiency with autism spectrum disorders and lectured on immunological approaches to the management of children with autism spectrum disorders: “A new concept for laboratory diagnosis of autism and its immunocorrection” and “Relationship of genetic folate cycle deficiency with autism spectrum disorders in children".

I am a specialist in the field of immunotherapy for diseases of various organs and systems of the human body. Accordingly, I am the author of a substantial monograph on immunotherapy. Watch my lecture on indications for the use of immunotherapeutic drugs in neurology according to evidence-based medicine.

Immunotherapy in neurology

Kyiv, December 3, 2020

I maintain two Facebook pages (private and public), where I regularly post information about my scientific work and new discoveries in the field of immunology and neuroimmunology. Join, I will be glad to communicate, exchange experience and knowledge.

At the same time, I have a YouTube channel where I upload my lectures on topical issues of immunology and neuroimmunology, which I deliver at scientific conferences, congresses, symposiums, and online webinars.

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I wish you all health and prosperity.

Sincerely, Dmitry Maltsev.